Last month I blogged about youth sports and concussions and gave the highlights of a conference I attended in Bellevue with the Seahawk team physician as the key note speaker.  In case you missed it, the follow this link:


I would like to now discuss how to safely get your child back to his or her sport after a concussion. Remember, kids take longer to heal from a concussion, minimum of 7-10 days, and the signs and symptoms are more subtle to detect.  Look for changes in sleep patterns, mood swings, ability to pay attention, and headaches.  Assuming your child is now ready to resume sports, listed below are suggested guidelines as per the International Conference on Concussions  in Sports:

  1. Physical and mental rest until asymptomatic
  2. Light aerobic exercise
  3. Sport specific exercises
  4. Non contact training drills and resistance training
  5. Full contact training after medical clearance
  6. Return to competition.

Youth sports have the potential to teach our kids so many positive lessons of life and help to build character. Let’s help them by staying educated to keep our kids as safe as we can. Any comments or questions are always welcome,

Ed Deboo, PT