As a long-time Physical Therapist in Bellingham, I have seen many clients who love Yoga and CrossFit.  Bellingham is filled with CrossFit and Yoga studios to fit everyone’s needs. The Deep Squat is used commonly in both CrossFit classes and Yoga sessions.  However, one of the common issues is trouble with deep squatting. Many factors influence the inability to do the Deep Squat.  Hip tightness, low back pain, knee injuries, and ankle tightness are just a few. In this video, let’s determine if it’s your ankles causing the trouble. Learn how to determine if your lack of ankle dorsiflexion is the culprit and if so, how to fix it. The two main reasons for a lack of ankle dorsiflexion are a restricted or “jammed” talus and tissue tightness of the Achilles tendon or soleus muscle. Having the ability to deep squat is important to maintaining full ankle, knee, hip, and lumbar spine mobility especially as we age. Test your squat today! Schedule your next Physical Therapy visit with Bellingham’s premier Manual Therapy Clinic, Integrative Physical Therapy.