Leah Vong, OT

Hello everyone,

My name is Leah and I am an occupational therapist working with Ed and Elizabeth here at Integrative. My focus as a practitioner is on mind and body, health and wellness. Occupational Therapists or OTs are trained to be able to look at “the whole person” including assessing ones roles, routines, daily activities, and habits as well as identifying barriers to optimal function in each individual’s daily life. In our training, OTs are taught to assess the physical, psychological, cognitive, spiritual, temporal, and cultural components of one’s life and how each of these affects our occupations or the activities that occupy our time (whether it be a leisure activity, job, self care task, care-giving task, etc). We then develop and provide a customized treatment plan based on each individuals goals and barriers, with the goal of facilitating optimal functional performance in that person’s valued occupations and daily activities. With this holistic approach, I believe it is possible for a wide variety of people to achieve health and wellness.

Manual therapy (hands on therapy in which we work with the tissues and structure of the body) is very important in that it can facilitate physical and psychological healing by decreasing our pain and tension and increasing our mobility, function, and mental and emotional health. In addition to treating the body physically, it is important to consider the stress and social support we have in our lives, as well as our sleeping, eating, exercising, and relaxing habits. All of these areas have an impact on the tension we hold in our tissues and therefore our structural health and pain levels. On the same token, releasing physical tension can alleviate emotional or mental stress from the body.

Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself and for taking the time to read these thoughts. Feel free to email me if you would like any additional information about occupational therapy or the services I offer at Integrative. Stay healthy and well this winter.


Leah Vong, MS, OTR/L