Join Elizabeth and I for a great weekend of exploration and learning as we discuss the importance of the thoracic spine and rib cage in a weekend course in October.  Details and course objectives are below.

                                   The Thoracic Spine

                               ~ From The Inside Out~


Presented by Ed & Elizabeth Deboo, MSPT’s

 Where:  2114 James St Bellingham, WA

When:   Friday 10/21 6:30-9:00pm Meet, Greet & Introduction

(w/ light refreshments served)

Saturday & Sunday 10/22 &10/23 10:00am-5:00pm

 What: Lab/Experiential & Didactic Content

 Cost: $425    14.5 contact hours

Register by: phone 360.715.8686 or email:

Course Objectives:

~Understand the essential nature of a healthy, mobile thoracic

spine and rib cage for total body health and well-being.

~Skillfully Evaluate and treat the respiratory diaphragm, in-

depth breathing mechanics, balance the autonomic nervous

system, and learn the hallmarks of neuromuscular hypoxia

and its effect on tissue.

~Gain evaluation and treatment techniques for the thoracic

spine and rib cage to utilize in your practice for orthopedic

dysfunction, such as low back pain, frozen shoulders,

thoracic inlet syndromes, chronic neck pain, and carpal


~Learn about energetic implications of the thoracic spine and

rib cage and multi-sensory palpation techniques with local

and total body implications.

~Experience Brain/Body entrainment techniques to assist

your clients with stress reduction, resetting the autonomic

nervous system and managing the limbic brain for ongoing

health and well being.

~Help your clients re-write their stories of pain and

dysfunction to stories of health and well-being.

Hope to see you in October!


Ed and Elizabeth Deboo