The Thoracic Spine
~From the Inside Out~

Weekend workshop presented by Ed Deboo, MSPT and Elizabeth Deboo, MSPT


Where:  2114 James St. Bellingham, WA
Meet, Greet & Introduction – Friday October 21, 6:30-9:00 PM, with light refreshments served.
Workshop – Saturday & Sunday October 22 and 23, 10:00 AM-5:00 PM

What: Lab/Experiential & Didactic Content

Cost: $425, 14.5 contact hours


From a conventional standpoint, treating the thoracic spine may not seem do-able or even relevant. The majority of what we as therapists treat every day has an impact in or on the thoracic spine and rib cage.

Ed and Elizabeth will present information that will inspire the hands on practitioner to re-think and re-experience the very core of our being, inside which reside the structures that support our most basic function of breath and respiration. They will share their 22 years of experiential wisdom of anatomy, physiology, structure and function presenting from the holistic Osteopathic paradigm.
At the end of this course, you will: ~ Understand the essential nature of a healthy, mobile thoracic spine and rib cage for total body health and well-being.

~ Skillfully Evaluate and treat the respiratory diaphragm, in-depth breathing mechanics, balance the autonomic nervous system, and learn the hallmarks of neuromuscular hypoxia and its effect on tissue.

~ Gain evaluation and treatment techniques for the thoracic spine and rib cage to utilize in your practice for common, and seemingly unrelated somatic dysfunction, such as low back pain, frozen shoulders, thoracic inlet syndromes, chronic neck pain, carpal tunnel and total body chronic pain syndromes that plague the human condition.

~ Discover mobilization and soft tissue techniques for an optimally functioning thoracic spine & rib cage with specific techniques for the elusive structures of the pectoralis minor  subscapularis, scalenes, and costochondral cartilage.

~ Learn about energetic implications of the thoracic spine and rib cage and multi-sensory palpation techniques with local and total body implications.

~ Experience Brain/Body entrainment techniques to assist your clients with stress reduction, resetting the autonomic nervous system and managing the limbic brain for ongoing health and well being.

~ Help your clients re-write their stories of pain and dysfunction to stories of health and well-being.
Please email or call to register. Cash, check, or credit card payments are accepted. Registration is complete upon receipt of payment. Click here to register and pay.

Email or call Elizabeth at 360-920-7590 with help registering and payment, or with questions.