As many of you know, my treatment specialty is Osteopathic manual structural therapy and exercise prescription.  However, over the years I have had patients that have requested just an exercise program to help manage their pain, be it neck, back, or shoulder, because they cannot afford to attend PT.   Many cannot attend therapy because they either have too high of a co-pay/deductible or may not even have health insurance at all.   Lately, with the ever changing world of health insurance and larger deductibles, the number of request for just exercises that people can do to help manage their pain independently has swelled.  Although the web has a wealth of information about exercise prescription, not all of it is current or very comprehensive, leaving the reader with many unanswered questions.

I was asked if I could put together affordable, comprehensive, online exercise programs for different areas of the body that would be available for an instant download from any computer.  After taking about a year to put it all together, I have finally launched a new web site, The first program I have put together involves the treatment of shoulder pain. Since the shoulder is very mobile, strengthening of the shoulder complex is imparitive for normal function.  Posture also plays a huge role in the function of the shoulder and therefore, exercises to improve posture are essential.   The program contains patient education, written exercises with pictures, and video demonstration of the exercises.  The program has been divided into three phases, based upon how severe the symptoms may be and a special section to help deal with a frozen shoulder.

The goal of the new web site is to be able to educate and empower people with specific exercises to help them manage their pain independently, even if they cannot come into the clinic for treatment. So check out the new website, tell me what you think, and also if you have any additional suggestions for future exercise programs.  Cheers, Ed