The lessons of the Sea Squirt are repeated often, but it bears repeating as it relates to the ultimate “use it or lose it” phenomenon.  The beautiful Sea Squirts can come in many shapes and colors and are from the Tunicate family.  They are filter feeders and live off of plankton and other organic material they pump through their body. 

Baby Sea Squirts larvae swim around for a short while before they find a spot to “cement” themselves for the rest of their life.  They bury themselves head first in to the ground and their amazing transformation begins. Since they need to start feeding, they start to absorb their twitching tail,  primitive eye and even spinal cord.

Since the Sea Squirt is now immobile and stationary for the rest of their life, the underworlds version of a couch potato, they have no need for their primitive brain.  In the ultimate “use it or lose it”, the Sea Squirt actually starts to absorb its own brain!  Why not?  It’s not being used!

The take home message for us?  Although you may look beautiful in your blue velvet sweat suit on your couch, get up and cut the roots!   Stay active, keep moving, and avoid the temptation to absorb your own brain!


Ed Deboo, PT