My friends, Maria and Geoffrey from the Pilates Studio of Bellingham, are offering another 1 day workshop at my clinic, June 13, 2015.  Details are below, I highly recommend the class, they are very well trained and just fun to be around!  If you would like to register, please call them (360-527-8663) and get signed up, spots are limited!
 Please let us know when registering if you are currently in rehabilitation for a physical injury or limitation.
Here’s the lowdown:
  • Saturday, June 13, 8:30 a.m. – 3:00-ish p.m. (do allow a little wiggle room for running over, which we tend to do).
  • Cost:  $100 (including Washington State sales tax)
  • Bring water and little snack if you like.  We will break for lunch as well.
  • Wear non-restrictive layered clothing.  We strongly recommend wearing a pair of tights under your outer layer to keep your core temperature up (very important).
  • No refunds or credits extended once payment is made, so please make sure the date works for you.  Sorry, no exceptions.
DATE:  Saturday, June 13, 2015
TIME:  8:30 a.m. – 3:00-ish p.m.
PLACE:  2114 James St., Integrative Physical Therapy Services (Ed Deboo)
FEE:  $100 (including Washington State sales tax)
The game plan:
We will cover the hip series (quadriceps, hamstrings, psoas, piriformis); adductors long & short; gastrocnemius & soles, aka calf; ribcage stretches, for example, gate stretch, side bend/quadratus lumborum, supported back bend and/or thoracic extension (“sweet surrender”); the shoulder girdle to include pec minor, biceps, and rotator cuffs; the entire neck series (upper trapezius, scaliness, sub occipitals, and the ever troublesome levator scapula); the feet/ankle series; and the hand/wrists series.  The “rod of correction” will most certainly make an appearance for fascia work on the calf, quadriceps, adductors, piriformis.  And finally, after all these magical stretches, we will end with your Moment of Zen, approximately thirty minutes of guided relaxation/meditation where you may then integrate the whole experience.
The time will go by much faster than you think.  The benefit to doing a long session like this every now and again is the total body experience.  Please do not think you have to be in the “athlete” category to do this.  This workshop has nothing to with intensity, pain and suffering.  It has everything to do with liberation, breathability, movement around joints, education, self-awareness and joy…simple, pure joy.
Once again, ***Please, please make sure the date works for you because once payment is made, there can be no refunds or credits extended, sorry, no exceptions.
We so love doing these workshops/extended classes and sincerely hope to see your lovely face.
in peace and love,
Maria & Geoffrey


The Pilates Studio of Bellingham
907 Harris Ave. Suite 201
Bellingham, WA  98225
The Pilates Studio of Bellingham
907 Harris Ave. Suite 201
Bellingham, WA  98225