Osteoporosis Treatment in Bellingham, Washington

At Integrative Physical Therapy in Bellingham, Washington, we are trained in treating clients with Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is multifactorial and building bone density can be difficult, BUT it can be done.  You first need to make sure you have the right amount of micronutrients.  If you have low bone mass density or Osteoporosis, then there are specific movements you need to avoid to prevent compression or wedge fractures.

Yoga and Pilates

We are fortunate that we have many studios in Bellingham to choose from for Pilates and Yoga. Both are great ways to improve strength, balance, flexibility, and even bone density. However, we do need to be cautious. The anterior or front of our spine and vertebrae are susceptible to losing bone density. This makes them vulnerable to compression and wedge fractures.

Exercises to NOT do

In this video, I will explain the exercises to avoid AND why it’s important to focus on posture and back strengthening exercises. Remember, the lifestyle choices we make, determine the quality of our lives. Learn more about healthy living after the age of 50

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