Having lower back pain? According to this study, you might want to go climb a rock!!

This study looked at 30 people with chronic lower back pain and had 15 of them climb for 10 sessions over 8 weeks (1 hour minimum session time). The “climbing group” demonstrated significant improvement in overall function with less pain.  In Bellingham, we are blessed to have multiple sites to climb like the YMCA and Vital.

Bottom line: Climbing could offer reduction of pain and better performance in daily life, because it offers closed chain muscle training that has the potential to improve posture and muscle control, plus it’s fun!

Improving function and overall strength doesn’t just have to be in  a gym, nature has been providing us with fertile training grounds since the beginning of time. Go outside for your next workout.

~Ed Deboo, PT

Physical Therapy Bellingham, WA

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