Real-Time Low back & Hip Stretching for chronic lower back and hip tightness and pain. If I don’t stretch out on a regular basis, my lower back and hips will start to ache. And at 52, I don’t have a lot of room for error. I try and get this routine done every day to stay flexible and as pain-free as possible. Join me for a full-length session today! 

Are you over 50 and interested in “successful” aging? Announcing “Live Well 50”, a membership site dedicated to those 50 (like Elizabeth and myself) and older to help you “successfully age”. What is the difference between “normal” aging and “successful” aging? The aim of “successful” aging is to help you limit disabilities and disease, maintain high levels of physical and cognitive function, and actively engage in social activities. Ready to work with Bellingham’s premier Manual Therapy clinic, Integrative Physical Therapy? Schedule your visit today!