Ready to work on improving your posture, but sure how? “Stretch weakness” often occurs in our back muscles when we have poor posture. We need to strengthen our back to help support our posture.  Do so with  a simple, home based exercise that requires no special equipment. But first, what does an old stretched out rubber band have to do with weak posture muscles? Well, if you ever had a rubber band stretched around something long enough and then you pull it off and then it’s lost all of its stretch.  It’s kind of just limp and  not very strong. Same thing happens to muscles of your back. It’s called stretch weakness in our back. Now if you’ve seen my other videos, we talk a lot about posture , chin tucks/retractions and scapula in the back pocket.

We talk about bringing the chin back so the ears are lined up over the shoulders and then our shoulder blades are back and down. You want to correct your posture, fix your rounded shoulders, and stand up straighter. But if you are hanging out in a forward posture long enough, what tends to happen is the muscles of your back become like that stretched out rubber band. They undergo what’s known as stretch weakness, so they’re not going to be as strong because they’re used to be prolonged and in this prolonged position, this stretched position. It needs no special equipment, but I feel like it’s one of the most effective exercises to improve your posture. You will need some wall space.  If you have any questions after you watch the video, please let me know.  If you have more questions and would to schedule either an “in-clinic” or TelePT session, schedule on line today.