Client Endorsements

Patient Endorsements

“I have seen both Ed and Elizabeth and they are both beyond effective, each in their own way. Over the years Ed has gotten me out of pain and patterns that have locked into my body–frozen shoulders, a constantly clutched periformis, neck jams and more… The great thing about seeing Ed is that he spends the appointment hands on and it is like getting an osteopathic treatment…or like the most educated of massages.

Concurrently he explains what is going on in the body which is very empowering. He always gives really targeted and effective home exercises that I feel motivated to do because of his careful explanations. I have sent a number of friends to Ed, especially the ones with chronic problems and each has been finally helped out of their pain pattern as well.

Elizabeth has a different and beautiful approach. She is extremely intuitive and I went to see her when one of my pain patterns stubbornly would not respond to ongoing treatment. She was able to help me, through my body, to understand an underlying emotional component. Once that was moved out the pattern cleared. We are lucky to have these two in our community. Go see them if you want to feel better!.”

Leslie Shankman
5 Star Google Review

“Ed is the third physical therapist I’ve seen for a knee problem. While the first two definitely helped, Ed has been able to add new insights, and my knee function is steadily improving. I look forward to working with Ed on my shoulder.
Check out Ed’s videos on youtube! There’s so much we can do to maintain good health.”

Kit Muehlman
5 Star Google Review

“Our entire family, adults and kids, has been coming to IPTS for years. Ed is a professional, caring, exceptionally skilled provider and never treats a problem in isolation. It’s so fortunate for our community to have a PT who really wants to spend productive time with the patient rather than rushing through an appointment, and we leave his office always feeling better than when we went in.

Ed also excels at explaining what is happening and giving the patient tricks and exercises to try at home, within reasonable limits but with the aim of maintaining and improving health. Highly, highly recommend Integrative Physical Therapy.”

Alina Z
5 Star Google Review

“I go in all disheveled and spacy-eyed, off-balance and out of rhythm. And I meet this tall happy guy. No matter what I say, he has a pretty calming answer, definitely upbeat. As he moves and coaxes my body into a more comfortable state, we are exchanging stories and laughing a lot.

I come out of the office in a great state of mind and body every time! And when I arrive nowadays, I look more like the after picture.”

Thank you!

“Thank you Ed for all you do.. After watching some of YouTube, I do now have a pedometer and I would never have believed how it gets me to go Longer and up the stairs instead of elevator. YouTube about Anthony was very inspiring… My problems are so small in comparison and I know sometimes I whine. I want you to know how much you have helped, both physically and mentally. Thanks again… see you soon!”


“After a long and comprehensive diagnosis session his opinion was that, with exercise and manual therapy, my mobility could be improved and my pain reduced without any invasive procedures. With a high degree of skepticism I agreed to this and I’m writing this to tell you how spectacularly right he was.

After following the exercise regime for 7 weeks and with several sessions with the magical hands of Heidi I have the knees I thought I had lost 25 years ago! The final test was a visit a few days ago to my daughter in Chicago, who lives on the 5th floor of an apartment block with no elevator. I only visit her on rare occasions because of the stairs. In the past I had taken maybe 10 or 15 minutes to get to the top, sitting down after each flight and waiting for my pain killers to kick in.

This time was different. I walked up all 5 flights of stairs non-stop alongside my daughter! I have been in the gym working out the parts of my body that didn’t hurt for a year now so last time there I at least didn’t have to catch my breath on each floor but this time my ability to climb the whole way non-stop reduced my daughter tears of joy. And I wasn’t dry-eyed either.

After my last visit I skipped to my car – because I can!!”


“Ed is the first “hands-on-only” physical therapist that I have encountered in the many years that I have needed such therapy. His knowledge of the intricacies of muscle, nerve, lymph interactions have relieved my acute pain, and formed the basis of my successfully dealing with chronic pain. In many ways he made it possible to live my life in a much fuller capacity.”

Leslie S.

“I have Fibromyalgia and the disease manifests itself wherever it decides on my body. Ed has been able to manipulate muscles and joints so that I can continue to function for normal day to day activities. The office is fun, too!”

Renee W.

“Elizabeth has been the driving force behind my son’s development. He was born with a complex genetic disorder and we were told he may never walk. Now you may find him running in the park with his sister or climbing over anything in his path. Without the professionalism, love, and care of Elizabeth, I don’t think my son would be where his is today.”

Jason T.

“I am writing to attest to the professionalism and knowledge that my family has benefited from since having regular visits with Elizabeth Deboo, PT ant Integrative Physical Therapy Services.

My son was diagnosed with both Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, as well as Cerebral Palsy shortly after his second birthday. Initially, our family was devastated by this news and unsure about what steps to take next to best address his treatment needs. I quickly learned that Mrs. Deboo was on the short list of physical therapists in my area qualified to serve pediatric patients. Following our initial consultation with her, it was immediately apparent that she was experienced and eager to work with us.

Each week she has new ideas about how to engage him in therapy and offers ideas about activities that we can implement at home designed to target his needs. In addition, she is diligent about consulting with our family’s other providers, such as his primary care physician, occupational therapist, Children’s hospital staff, and orthotic design firm.

In the previous 3 ½ years since seeing Mrs. Deboo, our son’s symptoms have decreased and his overall condition has improved. I credit her services for contributing to my son’s successes. I have no doubt that she is committed to positive health and wellness. I would recommend Elizabeth Deboo, PT to anyone needing support in this area of their life.”

Morgan M.

Instructor: Whatcom Community College, Physical Therapy Assistant Program

“I thought Ed did a fantastic job by providing us with a role model of true professionalism as well showing us practical applications to everything we learned. I admire that he always showed up early to class, dressed professionally, and that he encouraged and promoted all of us to communicate more like true clinicians. While upholding the position of an outstanding role model, he always kept a light atmosphere which made learning that much more enjoyable.

I also really enjoyed that he answered all our questions thoroughly and even during testing periods when we made mistakes instead of just marking us down he would explain and teach us why and how to do things differently.

Over all I think he did an excellent job and I hope to see him teaching the next class of PTA students so they may benefit as I did from his wisdom and knowledge.”