“I liked how ‘full body’ the class was”

“Appreciated your humor and your open, relaxed style of teaching. So grateful for your teachings Ed! I have lots of new tools and the notebook will be so helpful for future work. Thank You!” Elizabeth C.


“Great techniques to use and teach to my patients. I really enjoyed learning some clinician techniques as well and would love to learn more manual therapy from Ed. Thank You!  Brittany S.


“Seriously, Ed, this was superb! I wouldn’t change a thing and I hope to take it again!!   Maria K.


“This has changed my perception of myofascial pain and how to treat it. I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned to my clinical practice. Please teach more workshops, I would love to learn more from you” Sonja H.


“I appreciate your level of expertise with the infusion of your personality”   Patti L.


“Dynamic speaker, good balance of fun and work”   Marianne B.


“This class was so helpful. I took it for “self-help” as I am a very tense person. I feel like this is the first time I’ve genuinely felt as though I’ve found something to help me. ”  Kristen L.


“Easy to follow and informative. Resulted in a pain free day for me and now I know what I need to do!”