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Time to get uncomfortable: train your weakness | Bellingham Physical Therapy

                               Training Tip of the Day: You must work your weakest link as this is what will hold you back from achieving your fitness goals. "Work the Weakness, stop strengthening the strength". Why is this concept so hard for people? Simply stated, it's much more fulfilling and rewarding for the already strong individual to continue [...]

By |August 22nd, 2016|Blog, Strength Training|

Core Training and it’s effect on athletic performance, injury prevention, and injury treatment | Bellingham Physical Therapy

Core training (mid line musculature) has been added to many exercise programs and the virtues of this type of training have been detailed in many media outlets, magazine articles, and also by health professionals, myself included. However, I read an interesting article by John M Cissik, MBA, PT from the Texas Women's University in Denton, [...]

By |March 3rd, 2011|Blog, Strength Training|
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