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Over 60? Check your Lower Body Strength today | Physical Therapy Bellingham

https://youtu.be/36WtYhON_7I   How strong are you? Over 60? Test your lower body strength. Functional strength is paramount as we age, especially over the age of 60. For mature adults to maintain independence, lower body strength is needed for carrying groceries, doing laundry, carrying things up and downstairs, getting up and down off the floor, [...]

Muscle Weakness are You Getting Enough Protein? |Physical Therapy Bellingham

We can prevent Sarcopenia by our lifestyle choices. Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass as we age. Although some loss of strength is normal as we age, we can influence the rate of sarcopenia. Two ways of reducing the rate of sarcopenia are by strength training and by making sure we have an adequate [...]

Leg and Hip Strengthening Ex’s for Seniors | Physical Therapy Bellingham

The squat is a great, functional exercise and the corner stone of many leg and hip strengthening routines. BUT what if you can't squat? May be it's due to a knee or hip replacement or knee arthritis. In this video, I talk about 6 strengthening exercises. The focus  is on the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and [...]