Hip Osteoarthritis Exercises | Bellingham Physical Therapy

I actually made this video for my mom, who lives in India, for her back and hip pain.  However, I decided to post it in case others may benefit from the exercises and stretches.  Often those individuals with  hip arthritis also have issues with their knees, lower back, and overall strength.  Taking a more comprehensive [...]

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The Respiratory Diaphragm: The body’s most important muscle | Bellingham Physical Therapy

The Respiratory Diaphragm ~The most important muscle in our body~ (photo courtesy of Essential Anatomy 5 app.  Must have for anatomy lovers) Why is the respiratory diaphragm the body's most important muscle? The respiratory diaphragm is our “breathing muscle” and if it stops working, you won’t last too long without a ventilator to breath. Anatomy: [...]

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What is Manual Therapy? | Bellingham Physical Therapy

Manual Therapy is a specialized form of “hands on” physical therapy where the fascia (connective tissue), muscles, and joints are gently palpated and manipulated to decrease pain and restore normal movement. Impaired joint movement may be a result of muscle spasm, abnormal muscle tension (guarding), joint restrictions, poor movement patterns, or muscle weakness.  Manual therapy [...]

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Chronic neck tightness? Could be your breathing | Bellingham Physical Therapy

Many patients with chronic neck and shoulder pain often are breathing with their "accessory" muscles instead of their respiratory diaphragm (belly breathing). Watch the video and check to see if your breathing could be part of your neck tightness. Let me know if you have any questions, Ed Deboo, PT Physical Therapy, Bellingham,