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Reduce Your Chance of Dementia By 40% | Physical Therapy Bellingham   Reduce your chances of Dementia by 40% by taking charge of your health! A new study has identified 12 modifiable risk factors to help prevent or delay the onset of up to 40 % of dementia cases. Life long learning, protect your head during impact sports, avoid hyper tension systolic pressures of 130 [...]

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Chronic Pain in Hips, Back, & Neck| Physical Therapy Bellingham

Imagine you are outside, enjoying our beautiful Bellingham summer when suddenly you start having back pain.  Acute shoulder pain, lower back pain, and hip pain are common occurrences for most of us.   However, muscle pain can be debilitating for some, especially when if it turns chronic. Many factors play in to chronic pain. Undiagnosed trigger [...]

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