Thoracic Spine ~from the inside out

Join Elizabeth and I for a great weekend of exploration and learning as we discuss the importance of the thoracic spine and rib cage in a weekend course in October.  Details and course objectives are below.                                    The Thoracic Spine                                ~ From The Inside Out~   Presented by Ed & Elizabeth Deboo, MSPT's  Where:  [...]

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Time to get uncomfortable: train your weakness

                               Training Tip of the Day: You must work your weakest link as this is what will hold you back from achieving your fitness goals. "Work the Weakness, stop strengthening the strength". Why is this concept so hard for people? Simply stated, it's much more fulfilling and rewarding for the already strong individual to continue [...]

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Water and fresh lemon: A great way to start the day!

A morning glass of water and fresh Lemon Benefits include boosting your immune system with the vitamin C, may help with kidney stones by preventing kidney calcium levels from rising, kick starts your digestive system and of course keeps you hydrated. However, there are a few concerns to be aware of: the citric acid in [...]

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How to prevent blisters?

          Many of my patients are marathon runners and most of them have their fair share of injuries: plantar fasciitis, knee pain, hip pain, but the most common complaint is blisters. You can put away the expensive socks and special lubricants because a recent study on Ultra-Marathoners found that cheap, paper [...]

What is Hereditary Multiple Exostoses and can PT help?

What is Hereditary Multiple Exostoses and can PT help? Hereditary multiple exostoses is a condition in which people develop multiple benign, non-cancerous, bone tumors called exostoses. Although the growth can occur anywhere, they usually occur at the end of long bones (femur example in the picture below) and flat bones (scapula and hips). In the [...]

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Postural Exercises for Parkinson’s Disease

One of the common characteristics of Parkinson's disease is rigidity and a forward stooped posture.  However, with daily exercise, the changes can be minimized.  Check out the video below for 3 simple exercises, Let me know if you have any questions, Ed Deboo, Physical Therapist Bellingham, WA

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