1. “Keep the main thing the main thing” We became PT’s to treat patients, not do hours of paperwork and chase payments from insurance companies.
  2. Provide the type of care we feel is needed. One on one care with the same PT, with enough time to listen, treat, and educate our clients.
  3. No Pre-authorization of visits needed. The Patient-Therapist relationship is critical. Each individual is ultimately responsible for their own health and well-being. In a cash practice, the client and PT decide the number and frequency of visits needed to accomplish their goals. Many insurance companies will limit the number of visits and frequency.
  4. High deductibles: the average deductible (your out of pocket expense before insurance starts to pay) is now $1,200 for individual plans and $5000 for families. Even if you did use your insurance, you may be paying thousands before your “benefit” kick in.
  5. Lower Cost Per Visit: Our rates of $110 for the initial 60 minute visit and $80 for any additional 45 minute follow up is significantly lower than those who bill insurance companies. You may be able to apply your cost of PT here towards your deductible, allowing you to receive more “care” for your dollar since you need to meet your deductible before insurance even starts to pay.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or comments,


Ed Deboo, PT

Physical Therapy, Bellingham