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Neck pain after a whiplash injury

Unresolved neck pain, especially after a whiplash injury, may need to have the anterior (front of the neck) cervical musculature treated. The longus Colli is one of the anterior cervical muscles I find to be significantly involved with my clients who continue to have neck pain even though they have sought treatment. How do you

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Physical Therapy Video: ACL tears in sports, what can we do?

We must train the landing to help reduce the chance of ACL injuries in our youth playing sports. Check out my latest video with real footage of a NBA player who suffers not one, but two ACL injuries. Let me know if you have any questions, Ed Deboo, PT Bellingham, Physical Therapy

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Help with night-time foot and leg cramps

If you have ever experienced  night-time cramps or "Charlie Horses" you know how painful they can be! Check out this short video on a few tips that may help, Let me know if you have any questions, Thanks for watching, Ed Deboo, PT Bellingham Physical Therapy

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