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Little known fact about Concussions in youth athletes

Recent studies have shown that young female athletes (11-20 years old) take on average 6 days longer to recover from concussion related symptoms and return to their respective sport? Parents, pay close attention to your student athlete (boy or girl) to see if they continue to exhibit symptoms of a concussion, i.e. extreme fatigue, loss

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Cuboid Syndrome: Pain in the outer foot

Attention dancers, runners, and triathletes: Pain in the outer part (lateral) of your foot could be a result of Cuboid Syndrome. The cuboid is one of the small bones of the midfoot that can lose normal mobility as a result of an injury. A common complaint is pain with push-off along the outside of your

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Popliteus muscle and back of your knee pain

Hey everyone, If you or someone you know has knee pain, it could be partly caused by a tightness of the popliteus muscle.  Watch the video below to learn how to treat it.  Let me know if you have any questions, Thanks! Ed Deboo, PT Physical Therapy, Bellingham, Integrative PT

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