What is Hereditary Multiple Exostoses and can PT help?

Hereditary multiple exostoses is a condition in which people develop multiple benign, non-cancerous, bone tumors called exostoses. Although the growth can occur anywhere, they usually occur at the end of long bones (femur example in the picture below) and flat bones (scapula and hips). In the X-ray, the additional bone growth is very clearly seen. This is a hereditary condition and although not present at birth, ~96% of people with this condition will exhibit the extra bone growth by the time they are 12 years old. Multiple exostoses may also result in pain, limited range of joint movement, and pressure on nerves, and uneven bone growth. Many times surgery is needed depending on where the growth occurs and if it is problematic. Physical Therapy can help with maintaining range of motion and strength, as well as pain relief through myofascial release and other soft tissue techniques.  Please call if you have any questions,

Ed Deboo, Physical Therapist,

Bellingham, WA